Success of “Exhibition of China’s National Terrorist Atrocities”

Reported by the representative of Women’s Rights in China, Yao Cheng  ( http://www.wrchina.org/archives/5316 )
Translater by Cai Shiwen

The “Exhibition of China’s National Terrorist Atrocities” started from May 14th 2016 successfully completed its tour of America on June 10th. This remarkable project was sponsored by Los Angeles Chinese Democracy Platform, Democratic Party of China, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Research Institute of Civil Society, China Democracy Education Foundation, Women’s Rights in China, Chinese Petitioners, and the Goddess of Democracy Foundation.

In 28 days, we have travelled more than 10,000 kilometers across United States of America. Along the way we organized events in major cities and universities, which were vastly covered by influential media. We promptly updated the itinerary of our events daily. Hereby we would like to thank our friends who supported us financially and in many meaningful ways. Our appreciation also goes to friends who remain in China and still helped spread the news courageously.

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