Report on Child Trafficking in China

Trafficking in Persons Report 2013

Union Square event 2013: WRIC Announced the Publication of "Shao’s Orphan"

Women’s Rights in China’s Photo Exhibit of Missing Children in China 

Orphanage in Guizhou, Zhenyuan County engaged in child trafficking 

Anti-Trafficking Campaign in the Dabieshan Mountains

First Chinese Citizens’ Anti-Child Trafficking Conference Held in Henan Province  

Closeup of a poster

Distributing pamphlets to the students

Educating the public in Xijie market

Photo Front row from left Jiang Tianyong, Tian Li, Su Changlan, Yao Cheng. Plus some of the representatives.

Putting up posters by the bridge

Putting up posters by the bridge2

The convoy leaves for busy markets in Neihuang

Volunteers explain to bystanders the situation of missing children

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