WRIC Exposure: Children Kidnapped for their Organs in China

Recently,the Internet being circulated that several children were killed in Fujian to take organs.The police clam that this is false.If these “rumours”are circulated online they are immediately taken off and may be arrested for spreading false information.Women’s Rights in China organization posted a definitive video of the scene, in a building in Putian, Fujian and found a number of children with a their organs removed as well as the parents who cannot hold back their emotions.China is the world’s largest human organ transplant source and this is the indisputable fact. The new crime trend is kidnapping children, killing them and removing their organs for sale on the blackmarket.Fujian coastal area has long been the most serious areas of trafficking. Trafficking in children is now more of a serious crime because the children are murdered not just kidnapped. It is reported that a kidney sells for tens of thousands of yuan,The price is higher for a younger healthy organ, The police are unwilling or unable to search for missing children and only block the truth from coming out.

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