WRIC Published "The Orphans of Shao"

          "The Orphans of Shao" consists of case studies that exemplify more than 35-year long-lasting policy in China, the One Child Policy. Due to the effect that the National Law has created, Mr. Pang exposed the corrupted adoption system in China. The farmers in many villages are forced to fines that they cannot afford to pay so the officials take their children away. The officials then sell the children for a low price to government orphanages. The orphanages then put these children up for international adoptions and collect the high prices fees for these adoptions. The international adoptions are usually in Europe and in the United States. These families that adopted these children truly believe that the children are orphans. After their children were kidnapped by the officials, the parents embarked on a long and draining odyssey to recover them. After searching fruitlessly for many years, the heartbroken and desperate parents were on the verge of losing all hope. At that time an investigative reporter discovered new leads for them. The reporter published an exclusive report exposing the kidnapping of their children by the Family Planning officials.


            Women's Rights in China (NGO organization) is very fortunate to gain Mr. Pang's copyrights to publish his book in the United States in English. Mr. Pang has suffered many murderous threats due to his work on this book. It is our hope that we can bring one journalist's hard work into fruition as well as the whole truth behind how the government implements the One-Child Policy in China. The product of this book is the result of many volunteers' hard work. Publish Date: 10/24/2014 Also you can order the book in the below link on WRIC's website, crchina.org. http://crchina.org/?page_id=6858.



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