Beijing Christians Detained for Planning to Show Religious Freedom

Source: internetAuthor: internetPulsihed Time: 2/5/2011

January 30, 2011, Beijing, China. Three Christians were taken to police station, and five more were house arrested, simply because they wanted to show the world through a Belgium TV Station they enjoyed some freedom of religion in China. However, finally they realized that they were deceived and there was no true religious freedom at all.
Yonghai Xu, the leader of a house church “Beijing Christian House Church Love Fellowship”, was very excited a week ago when knowing a Belgium TV station would interview his church. This TV station followed a Belgium Catholic Bishop who was visiting China and planned to worship in an official catholic church, Beijing Catholic South Church, on Sunday January 30th. This TV station planned to interview a house church after the worship in the official church in order to tell the world the “religious freedom” enjoyed by both the official church and house church. So they chose Xu’s church for interview. Xu and his church members were very excited and wanted to show the world that they did enjoy religious freedom to certain degree.
However, on that very day, January 30th, three of the Xu’s church members were taken to Jingshan Police Station, five were housed arrested including Xu himself, and more were warned by the police not to attend the church. The police threatened that they had a serious issue. At the end, the once-deceived Christians realized that what they thought were completely wrong, and they did not have any true freedom of religion at all.
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